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Success stories

Here's what our members love most about their programs.

Janine • Lost 53lbs

I’ve lost 53 pounds! I can hardly believe that’s me in the left picture. So happy I decided to take control of...
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Krista • Lost 55lbs

I’m a mom of 3 girls, a wife, and mom to a 4 month old puppy. I started my journey exactly one year ago. I have...
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Adriana • Lost 56lbs

After having 3 kids back to back, I packed on so much weight and it really started to affect me. I hated my body...
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Keto Program

I had mainly started to lose weight I had gained from having my kids. I did lose 65+ pounds but also gained an understanding on how my body worked. I really learned what it was to be healthy and not just look for a quick weight loss.


Keto Program

I started my keto journey in June of 2019 at 201! By March 2020 I was down 72 pounds and weighed 129. Keto has been the easiest way to lose weight for me. I am now 55 years old, and healthiest I’ve ever been. My perfume sensitivities of many years went away. Game changer!


Keto Program

I started my keto journey almost a year ago. I was right at 300lbs. I knew nothing about keto except I could eat bacon and pork rinds on a diet so I was sold! I am now within my first goal of 225lbs. I have enjoyed the changes in lifestyle and have never looked at food in a healthy way before this. My next goal is 200lbs!


Keto Program

I have grandkids and I wanted to be able to get outside and play with them, take them to the park etc. I decided that Keto was for me, so I started it and never looked back. Now I'm down 146lbs.

Jay • Lost 70lbs

Keto Program

This app was the biggest thing that kept me going. It didn’t take very long to start seeing results. When I started losing about a pound a day, I knew right away that this is going to work. Eventually I’ve lost 70 pounds in 4 months!

Will • Lost 18lbs

Keto Program

I started keto dieting 7 weeks ago with a simple goal to lose weight. The weight started to fall off and I went from 110.8kg to 105.4kg within the first two weeks. I am now at a staggering 102.3kg 👏🏻If I could give any advice it would be start your journey today and give yourself what you truly deserve.

Amber • Lost 45lbs

Keto Program

I started my journey in February. I went to the doctor for a regular check up and got a blood test done. It didn’t come back good. My A1c was high and my cholesterol was high. I have a two year old and I want live to see his children if he decides to have them. Since I’ve started I have lost 45 lbs & I am still loosing! It’s not about loosing the weight for me. It about gaining years.

Bailey • Lost 25lbs

Keto Program

Living keto has helped me get out of the long stalls I’ve experienced on my fitness journey. I have gained so much muscle and lost so many more inches than I would have on my own. I’ve learned better habits through tracking and I couldn’t be more grateful!

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