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Care team

Our health coaches are wellness experts who help clients feel healthier through nutrition and lifestyle shifts. They work one-on-one to tailor wellbeing programs for their client’s specific needs and to guide them toward reaching these goals.

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Get to know our team of certified health professionals with proven years of experience and a passion for wellness.

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Alex Miller

I am here to show you a healthy approach to an indulgent way of eating!

Christopher Esquilin

My goal is to teach you just how simple and satisfying keto can be.

Glenn Fernandez

After years of bad habits, I used keto to reverse my metabolic syndrome, get off meds, and reclaim my health.
Registered Dietitian

Jen Livengood

I believe in food as medicine and am excited to help others find great success in achieving lasting change that leads to a fuller, healthier lifestyle.

Johanna Gordon

My mission is to work with people on forming healthy habits and behaviours to achieve and sustain a balanced life.

Lori Balue

I'm on a mission to empower women to lose that stubborn weight and improve their health so they can feel confident, beautiful and age successfully!
Fabulous Body Academy

Michelle Avans

I help my clients reach their goals with easy to follow mindful health, and happiness practices that can be easily implemented in a busy lifestyle.

Patricia Antonini

I have worked with thousands of people, mentoring, inspiring, motivating and holding them accountable to achieve their goals and implement the positive choices they’ve identified in their lives.
BS of Science

Renee Clayton

For the last 17 years I have been working with patients with many different types of health concerns including diabetes, obesity, heart disease and autoimmune conditions as well as weight loss and performance athletes.

Robert Schneeberger

Whether you have a chronic health condition, or looking to lose weight, gain more energy and need help managing a keto lifestyle, I would be honored to work with you!

Sandi Korshnak

I'm here to help you make the lifestyle changes you need for better results.
MS in Biology

Vanessa Pinto

I'm a health, movement and nutrition specialist with nearly a decade of successful experience leading clients to a healthier lifestyle.


We only work with leading certified experts in the industry.
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Success stories


Keto Program

I am a workout fanatic. I’ve tried every type of eating style there is from fasting to paleo. When the pandemic hit in March, my gym was forced to close. I stuck to my meal plan, for the most part, and after 3 months I put on 23 pounds. A coworker has been on keto for just over a year and has lost to date, 113 pounds. I asked if he was putting on weight since he wasn’t able to workout. No he said, I’m still dropping weight, not as fast but it is still coming off. Five weeks in now, with no gym time, I’m down 20 pounds from my starting weight. This app is the cornerstone of my success. I get to eat everything I’ve been avoiding on every other eating program I’ve tried.


Keto Program

Makes keto doable for me. I could never go more than 1.5 days by myself. The creators seem like people who wholeheartedly wanted to help those people who are overweight. Definitely a godsend!


Keto Program

This app is so user-friendly and informative! For the first two weeks, I was only tracking and learning and making better choices as far as eating goes. For the last week, I have been meeting my macros and making the changes necessary to get my body into ketosis. So far, I’ve lost 10 lbs! This app is absolutely worth every penny!

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